The original school was a building made with a tin roof and grass cloth walls.  Each night, every teacher took home any supplies or resources they might have; there were few.

We now want to build the resources of the school by acquiring the required sets of textbooks for each grade.  Even having a few of each of the required textbooks would be beneficial.  We have made a start on this through funding we received from Rotary International, but the school still requires more.

The teachers have done an amazing job of creating their own journal of notes and resources for each of their subject areas.  Much of the teaching is done similar to a university style setting, with the students taking many, many notes since they do not have textbooks to refer back to.  This is not ideal for this age level.

There has also been the question of whether textbooks are the best way to go.  With so many resources available on-line, would that be better?  The location of the school does not lend itself at this time to a strong internet signal.  With its proximity to the Congo border (5 km. away), there does not seem to be any motivation to extend the technology to reach this area.

Maximum textbook pricing in Uganda is set by the government, and textbooks are available within the region.  When we met with each teacher on our last visit to the school, they put together a wish list from the required textbook list.  They would love to see these as part of the resource library at the school.

PODA would like to help acquire these textbooks for the school.