PODA and its partner organization Cobra Association for Life Improvement (COBRA) have a long term vision for the school.  This vision includes the addition of a dormitory, a latrine-wash house building, a cookhouse and a small medical clinic.

PODA acquired the piece of land beside the school and COBRA purchased the piece of land behind the school so that future expansion can be done.

In addition to these larger projects, we also have some finishing work to do on the school.  An example of some of this work includes putting a veranda on the second building, cementing all the classroom floors and finishing the staff room.

Even the smallest changes, like having a veranda on the second buildings, are important.  The veranda keeps the rooms cooler in the hot season and the students drier during the rainy season.  We also noticed in our last visit that the veranda on the main building was a great gathering place for students and extended the classroom space for the teachers.