In the Fall of 2013 the students at the school started to learn basket making as an extra-curricular activity.  They are making baskets from the dried frons from various plants as well as from plastic strapping.  Extra curricular activities are done on the weekends and supervised by the Head Teacher.

In March 2014, Barb taught the students and teachers how to make paper beads.  As expected, the students were quick to learn and even quicker to put their own twist on the process.  PODA donated some initial supplies to get this going.  With the beads, they are making bracelets and earrings.  The jewellery and baskets are being sold at the market at the Uganda/Congo border.  This is the largest market in the area and is held each Tuesday and Friday.

Profits from these two initiatives are being split between the school, the students and the replenishment of supplies.  PODA would like to support these two projects so more students can be involved and they can expand what they are selling.