For 4 ½ months, starting in October 2010, PODA built a secondary school and cultural centre in Bwera, Uganda. With the help of over 40 volunteers from Canada and a local crew, the project not only came in on budget but we were able to build five classrooms instead of the original two that were planned for.

The monies to build the school came from fundraising efforts done by PODA and their dedicated volunteers. You can view the blog for this construction project at


Students who attend the school are primarily from the hill villages in the surrounding area. Education at this school is made accessible by keeping the fees low, typically less than half of a government school and by offering free education to HIV orphaned students.

The school has two buildings, one of which is furnished with solar power to allow for the use of computers and to have lighting so evening community classes are possible. Through a grant from Rotary International we were able to buy textbooks, desks, computers and other supplies for the school.

The students who are enrolled in the school typically also require room and board for the three school terms. PODA and our partner organization, Cobra Association for Life Improvement (COBRA), both purchased pieces of bare land that adjoin the school. This land has been put into food production for the students and can be used for future expansion. COBRA is responsible for the day to day costs of operating the school while PODA will continue to consider funding future school-related projects.