The beekeeping project is one of the income generators run by Cobra Association for Life Improvement (COBRA), our partner organization in Bwera, Uganda. The profits from the sale of honey and wax help fund their other community projects. The hives are mostly located in the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains.

Thanks to the efforts of the students in Camosun College’s Service Learning Program, in 2013 we were able to send more funding to help this project. PODA will continue to fundraise for additional hives and equipment.  Our partnership started in 2007, and as new equipment is required, we will continue to support this project.

Prior to 2007, with the exception of three Kenya top bar hives, all of the hives in the project were the traditional hollow tube type. In the summer of 2007, the project expanded thanks to funding from the Lion’s Gate North Vancouver Rotary Club. PODA was able to purchase 40 new Kenya top bar hives which produce up to twice as much honey as the traditional type.

As well, there was only one beekeeping suit which was shared among all of the beekeepers in the project. However, in May of 2007, thanks to support from the Apiary Club of Victoria and private donors, we were able to deliver six full beekeeping suits, five smokers and a number of other pieces of equipment. These tools, along with ongoing training, have ensured the successful expansion of this project.