Help Light the School Dorm


We are installing a new solar power system that will be used to light the two small dormitories at the school.  The school is located very close to the equator so 10 to 11 hours each day it is dark.  Improving the lighting will help students when they are studying, doing their evening tasks and readying themselves for bed each evening.

We will also be installing some outdoor lighting between the dorm buildings and the outdoor latrines.

Donations also make thoughtful gifts for friends or family members. Indicate that your donation is intended as a gift, and we will supply a souvenir magnet and a gift card that can be sent to them (by you, or directly from us).



The school currently has about 120 students that live at the school for three terms per school year.  For safety and for other practical considerations, we want to move from using just solar lanterns to installing a larger system for use in the dorms.  Solar lanterns will remain very useful due to their portability.