Donate a School Uniform


All schools in Uganda have a school uniform – yet all students can not afford to purchase one.  When a student has a uniform they feel part of the school – they are not singled out or seen as different – this is important to them.

Donations also make thoughtful gifts for friends or family members. Indicate that your donation is intended as a gift, and we will supply a souvenir magnet and a gift card that can be sent to them (by you, or directly from us). If you want us to send it, please tick the ‘ship to’ button at the checkout and provide their address.



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At our school we have started a Community Tailoring Cooperative that sew uniforms for the students and supports the local members of the cooperative.The uniforms made by them will be owned by the school and students will  use them while they attend our school. The uniforms can then be passed on to new students.