Donate a Solar Lantern


A solar lantern provides light for students and their families as they do not have access to electricity. Mpondwe, Uganda (where PODA does most of their projects) is located close to the equator. This means that there are about 12 hours of darkness each day. Having this regular light source allows students to study in the evening. Donate a lantern today and help us light up their communities.

Donations also make thoughtful gifts for friends or family members. Indicate that your donation is intended as a gift, and we will supply a souvenir magnet and a gift card that can be sent to them (by you, or directly from us). If you want us to send it, please tick the ‘ship to’ button at the checkout and provide their address.



A solar lantern can help families improve their health and save them money. The alternative to solar lighting is to use candles or kerosene lanterns. If a family can afford to buy these, they can now save this money for purchases such as food, medicine and other necessities.

In addition, using a solar lantern gives them a safe, healthy alternative to burning kerosene indoors and provides better lighting than candles.