Donate a Goat


Students and their families have limited resources, which has a negative impact on their health.  By donating money to purchase a goat, you can improve their lives.  Goats provide milk that offers excellent nutrition as well as the economic benefit of selling offspring and excess milk. Help a family today by making a donation.

Donations also make thoughtful gifts for friends or family members. Indicate that your donation is intended as a gift, and we will supply a souvenir magnet and a gift card that can be sent to them (by you, or directly from us).  If you want us to send it, please tick the ‘ship to’ button at the checkout and provide their address.



The goat breeding program is administered by the local villages as they are able to set and review the appropriate criteria for receiving a goat. Each village keeps records so new goats and offspring can be given to those who need it most.