The students from Gerry Luton’s classes at the UVIC English Language Center chose PODA for their Charity Project.  Their fundraising bake sale earned an amazing $1,100.10 – thank you to everyone.  Since 2002 these classes have been supporting a variety of charities. Click here to find out more about this initiative.

The students are visiting from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Mexico, Colombia, Panama & Brazil.  It is impressive that while studying in Canada they are also helping to support students in rural Uganda.

Peter & Natalie Hunt, PODA founders and current Board Members, did a presentation to the class. In addition to the bake sale the students researched PODA’s projects and creatively expressed what they had learnt.   Eunju (Korea) and Mei (Japan) created brochures and an information booklet.

Pictured here with Natalie & Peter are Louis (Japan), Yuki (Japan), Manuel (Panama) and Junhyun (South Korea).  These students produced a video about PODA.   We can’t wait to let them know how we use their donation during our visit to Uganda this July.