PODA & Ideba Marketing Inc.

Our partnership with Ideba continues with our trip to Uganda this year.  There will be five of us travelling to the school in Mpondwe on July 2nd.  This partnership has provided students with the necessary supplies for school, as well as supplies to develop the art & science curriculum.  In addition, the students at Mpondwe Lhubiriha Secondary School (MLSS) are doing a reciprocal art project with the students at West Union Elementary School in Hillsboro, Oregon. These art projects will be unveiled on our visit to MLSS.  Stay tuned to this blog for daily updates from Uganda.

Solar Lanterns for each student at MLSS

This year Ideba committed to giving each student’s family a solar lantern.  We are excited to meet with some of the families to see first-hand how this has impacted their lives.

What’s New?

PODA will be looking to implement two new projects at the school that have been developed by Joint Energy & Environmental Projects (JEEP).  They include a new outdoor stove and a briquette making workshop.  The briquettes are made from compressed biomass.

With any luck we will also be able to introduce a bike maintenance workshop and create a better wash station for the students for dishes, clothes and hand washing.

As always, new projects need help with funding.  Visit our PODA store if you are able to help out in any way.  If you have any questions about this trip, contact Barb at barb@poda.ca.  Thank you for your interest in PODA.