This is where we ask you to make a donation. Every project has a need for funding in its implementation, maintenance or expansion phase. We are run 100% by volunteers and our administration costs are less than 5%. This means the money you donate gets to the project and makes a difference. See the PODA store for particular projects that we are fundraising for, or to make a donation that can be used in any of our current or future projects.

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PODA helps primarily with the infrastructure portion of the project, leaving the day to day administration and related costs to the partner organization. The infrastructure costs we support can include training, equipment, buildings, specific expertise and land. Like any project, these aspects need revisiting as the project develops and/or expands.

Why just infrastructure costs?

PODA strongly believes that each project should be created to be sustainable. We feel that the responsibility and independence this creates in our partner organizations is invaluable. We are often asked to support the administrative costs of a project but have made the hard decision to remain true to our vision.

Why money over goods?

Firstly, it is always a challenge to get things to Africa from Canada. We have been fortunate to have some goods sent with people and groups that are travelling to Africa. With our project in Eastern Uganda, we have the additional challenge and cost of getting things across the country. Secondly, we would like to support the local economy if at all possible. Bringing new and used goods into a country has become an issue for developing countries. Many goods being brought in are now heavily taxed in order to discourage this. If we can support local businesses, we would prefer to do that. Finally, PODA realizes there are times when it is necessary to bring goods into the country. This is usually because the goods required for a project are not available, or what we need to purchase is quite specific.

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