Partnerships for Opportunity Development Association (PODA) collaborates on projects in Africa, primarily Uganda. PODA partners with local organizations with a goal to provide resources that allow their projects to become and remain sustainable. These resources include start-up funding, materials, training and specific expertise.

PODA has collaborated on building a vocational secondary school, starting a dairy goat breeding program, creating community beekeeping, developing adult education programs, providing a support network for street children, improving financial sustainability of local performance groups, and implementing sustainable cooking workshops and home gardening initiatives.

PODA is a volunteer run organization that receives support from its local community, like-minded organizations and a large network of family and friends. PODA volunteers fundraise, travel to Africa to work on projects, and offer support in project review and development.

PODA is a not-for-profit organization registered as a society in the Province of British Columbia since 2009. The roots of PODA began in 2005 when the founders, Peter & Natalie Hunt, first went to Uganda. We are based in Victoria, BC but we connect and share our story with people throughout the world.